File Hosting For

Developers Designers Writers Creators You!

Easily turn your cloud storage into CDN in 30s.

Deploy and manage files for support, software, websites, and apps.

Increase speed through our CDN and manage through your cloud storage.

Unique domain

Each site you create will have a unique domain, also you can bind your own domain to every site you create.

Sync files in realtime

PoweredBy.Cloud will sync files with your cloud storage in realtime. You and your clients will always get latest version of files in your cloud storage.

Global network

PoweredBy.Cloud provide ultra-fast static content delivery, increased agility and control over how content is cached.

Password protected (WIP)

You can protect your folders and files with password. Anyone without password cannot access your password protected folders and files.

Google analytics integration (WIP)

PoweredBy.Cloud will automatically send analytics to your google analytics account, then you can get detailed analytics about your site.

And more

PoweredBy.Cloud is still under heavy development, and more fancy features will be available soon.